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Are you having trouble finding parts for your classic or nostalgic car?
We have a plethora of parts in stock, from the smallest carburetor parts all the way up to body panels and engines!
We also have a large selection of parts cars to pick and pull parts from!
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For Nissan Skyline HAKOSUKA GT-R type Grill net

Finally released!!

"Hakosuka GT-R specification Grill net left and right painted"

Made right here in Japan from a special mold and assembled by hand one by one. A true Classic Car Nagoya original product.

Priced : 32,000 yen (excluding tax)

Original parts

  When we are restoring vehicles, we pay special attention to parts that often need replacing.
When these parts are no longer available, we create our own perfect replacement parts from new steel.
  Hakosuka / kenmeri / S30Z / ather

Used parts

  When you cllick the left picture, It will open new page for used parts.(That page written in Japanese)
   Are you looking some parts? Please tell me in email.

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